• Cascara Coffee Cherry Tea

    Organic Cascara Tea

  • Yirgacheffe

    Ethiopia – Kana Yirgacheffe

  • Mexico_Muxbal

    Mexico Finca Muxbal

  • Sparkling Water Decaf Coffee

    Sparkling Water Decaf Coffee

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We are an Artisan Coffee Roastery based in the beautiful village of East Rounton, North Yorkshire. We are suppliers of freshly roasted speciality coffee to all coffee lovers in the North East, North Yorkshire and the UK.
Our Mission is simple. We want to source and roast some of the most exclusive coffee’s from around the world. Our Coffees are ethically sourced and are directly traded with the farm, they are certified Fair Trade, Organic or Rainforest Alliance.
Make your coffee stand out from the rest and get in touch with us today.

  • Rounton CoffeeAfter a restful Easter weekend we're glad to get back to it, this coffee isn't going to roast itself!… ,

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