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Storm Tea Flavour House, Wild Cherry Tea

Loose Leaf Tea

Within the Flavour House tea selection you’ll find a riot of colour and flavour in blends and concoctions of teas with fruit pieces, herbs, spices, flowers and even chocolate nibs! These teas and tisanes are full of vitamins and other healthy ingredients but the main focus is full-on, intense and unabashed flavour.

Love cherries? Then this is the loose leaf tea for you! Perfect cherries lovingly dried in the summer sun make the flavours deep and intense. To compliment the flavours we’ve blended other key fruits to maximise health benefits. A little different and truely lovely. Naturally caffeine free.


Apple bits , raisins, carrot bits, cherries (12%), beetroot bits, flavouring, cinnamon sticks (4%), popcorn, coconut chips, cardamom.

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Californian grown cherries with black tea from China and various fruit and herbs from European farms.

Flavour Notes

Strong fruit punchiness enhanced with soft, sweet fruity cherry notes, with gentle acidity.


Typical black tea processing with oven dried cherries.

Health Benefits

Packed with vitamin C and a bundle of other vitamins and minerals. Cherries in particular can help protect against diabetes and promotes better sleep whilst decreasing weight.


How to make the perfect Flavour House, Wild Cherry Tea:

Brew proportions: 4 grams or 1-2 teaspoons per 250 mls water. Brew temperature: 100C. Infusion time: 8-10 minutes.