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Storm Tea Flavour House, Sencha Green Tea with Roasted Apple

Loose Leaf Tea

Within the Flavour House tea selection you’ll find a riot of colour and flavour in blends and concoctions of teas with fruit pieces, herbs, spices, flowers and even chocolate nibs! These teas and tisanes are full of vitamins and other healthy ingredients but the main focus is full-on, intense and unabashed flavour.

To give this wonderful sencha green tea a refreshing edge we’ve paired it with roasted apple. The crisp fruit flavour matches wonderfully making this a great tasting, super healthy cup of tea.


Green tea China Sencha, apple bits (10%), flavouring.

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China green tea and apple pieces from South Africa.

Flavour Notes

A delicate green tea with contrasting crisp tangy notes of the roasted apple.

Health Benefits

Ever since its discovery in China, tea has been appreciated for its medicinal qualities. In more recent times research has focused upon the abundant polyphenols that are found in tea - particularly in green tea and their antioxidant effects. Polyphenols are said to neutralise free radicals which may help to halt or slowdown the onset of illnesses such as cancer and cardiovascular disease

How to make the perfect Flavour House, Sencha Green Tea with Roasted Apple:

Brew proportions: 2-3 grams or 1 teaspoon per 250 mls water. Brew temperature: 80-90C. Infusion time: 3-5 minutes.