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Washed Coffee

Washed, or sometimes referred to as wet coffee is so called due to the process it has undertaken. Ripe coffee cherries are depulped, washed and then dried out. This leads to a clean-tasting coffee, which shows off the true characteristics of the plant. 


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What is Washed coffee?

Ever looked at a bag of speciality coffee and wondered what the term ‘washed’ meant? Here at Rounton Coffee our team of expert roasters know how to get the most out of these coffees. 

Great tasting coffee isn’t just reliant on how it’s roasted. The way that the coffee is processed at origin goes a long way to determining the flavour of the coffee you enjoy. Washed coffees are generally very clean-tasting and show off the true characteristics of the coffee cherry.

The coffee cherry is made up of many layers, each of which can have an impact on how the coffee tastes. With washed coffees, the pulp of the cherry is removed, leaving behind a sticky layer called ‘mucilage.’ This is meticulously washed away, leaving nothing but the seed of the cherry behind. This is then dried out, before being bagged up and sent to North Yorkshire. You know the rest!

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