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Rounton Coffee Uganda - Kisinga

This is our second offering of a Ugandan coffee, which is a result of Rounton Coffee working alongside the Rwenzori Coffee company. We are excited to be able to showcase such a high quality cup profile as a result of such a direct and sustainable relationship, introduced to us by Martin Rowland and his son Jonathan.

This naturally processed coffee has a real strawberry-forward character, with delicate florals that rival the best African coffees out there.

It is produced at an altitude of 1600-1800 MASL - leading to bright acidity that shines through even the boozy notes that can be expected from a natural process.

Agri Evolve, the parent company of the Rwenzori Coffee Co. is dedicated to training farmers in the latest developments in agronomy - 'farming for a better future', as is stated in their motto. The team behind the company and the farmers who produce this crop believe that they can help elevate the status of Ugandan coffee to a more well-regarded platform within the specialty industry.

  • £8.00

Kisinga, Rwenzori Mountains

VARIETALVarious Heirloom varietals, SL14, SL28
OWNERSAgri Evolve
NOTESStrawberry, Orange Blossom, Velvety

Notes from the team:

As I sit here writing this, drinking out of my Agri Evolve mug, I can't help but think back to our first encounter with Martin, who dropped by the roastery last year, armed with a bag of green coffee, and a load of passion.

We bought 30kg on the spot, knowing that this relationship would be one we wanted to nurture, and see what came of Agri Evolve's involvement with the Ugandan coffee scene. This second lot from the Rwenzori Coffee Company is exactly what we hoped it would be. Cheers, Martin!