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Rounton Coffee Uganda - Bugoye

Bugoye is situated in Uganda's Rwenzori Mountains, near the town of Kasese. It’s a region we’re very familiar with these days, and we always look forward to its new arrivals.

A little too far from Kisinga (home to its own fantastic coffee), the producers at Bugoye needed their own washing station to get the most out of their crops. Thanks to Agri Evolve and their local partners, they’ve got just that, and we’re now able to share that coffee with you. 



We've been working with Agri Evolve since 2018 - a Social Enterprise that is based in Uganda's Rwenzori Mountains. We knew from the beginning that they were our kind of people: as well as their exceptional coffee, their commitment to community and the environment is second-to-none. ⁣ ⁣ 

Agri Evolve has launched the ACE2030 project, which aims to emphasise the integral link between Agriculture, Community and the Environment. To support the project, 60p from each kilo of Ugandan coffee we sell will go straight to ACE2030! 

  • £7.50
ALTITUDE1,300 - 1,900 MASL

Rwenzori Mountains

VARIETALVarious Heirloom varietals, SL14, SL28
OWNERSAgri Evolve
NOTESApricot, Caramel, Velvety

Notes from the team:

We're really lucky to be able to have such a great relationship with Agri Evolve. From our first coffee sourced from the Rwenzori Mountains (Nyabubare). 

Agri Evolve, the parent company of the Rwenzori Coffee Co. is dedicated to training farmers in the latest developments in agronomy. The team behind the company and the farmers who produce this crop believe that they can help elevate the status of Ugandan coffee to a more well-regarded platform within the specialty industry.