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Rounton Coffee Two Stories

Two Stories was created to show off the wild side of coffee: a blend with funk and personality, designed to push the limits of what coffee can be.

We've combined coffees from two farms with a tale worth telling, whose radical, fruity notes offer something truly different to the status quo.

Two Stories might just make you question everything you thought you knew about coffee, and we think that's a cause for celebration. Are you ready to fall down the rabbit hole?

  • £8.25

Two Stories is a seasonal blend, and we hope that the conversations sparked around its changing components will lead to more care and attention towards how we buy and consume coffee.

Mustefa Abakeno's naturally processed lot this year is one of the most exciting Ethiopian coffees we've had in a long time. Due to a lack of water in the area and limited space to ferment the coffee, Mustefa ferments the coffee for a short period of time before he moves it to his drying beds, and the result is something like a light honey process.

Agri Evolve, the parent company of the Rwenzori Coffee Co. is dedicated to training farmers in the latest developments in agronomy - 'farming for a better future', as is stated in their motto. The team behind the company and the farmers who produce this crop believe that they can help elevate the status of Ugandan coffee to a more well-regarded platform within the specialty industry.

50% Ethiopia - Mustefa Abakeno

50% Uganda - Kisinga

Preparation:  Natural

Varietals:  Pacamara, Various Regional Landraces