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Rounton Coffee Timor-Leste - Parami

Having found its sovereignty in 2002, Timor-Leste is one of the world’s youngest countries. As the country finds stability, coffee is set to become the nation's most vital export, as its oil reserves begin to run dry. Currently, 37% of households in Timor-Leste depend on coffee for income. 

The development of the Atsabe wet mill in 2018 will allow farmers in the area to consistently produce specialty grade coffee, leading to stable, sustainable prices while improving coffee quality, yields, and community outcomes. 

As for the coffee itself, it's an absolute delight. Tasting of ripe apricot with complex toffee notes and some delicate florals, it's reminiscent of a great washed Ethiopian lot. Don't be fooled though - this is no copycat coffee! Timor-Leste has some incredible things to offer, which is only bound to improve in years to come thanks to investments in the coffee sector.

  • £7.75
ALTITUDE1,700 - 1,800



VARIETALHybrido de Timor, Typica
OWNERSCooperative Farmers
NOTESApricot, Toffee, White Sugar 

Notes from the team:

We've sourced this coffee from Raw Material, a social enterprise who work in a handful of coffee producing countries across the world. 100% of their profits are put to work to create economic freedom for those coffee producers who are most marginalised.

They are a small team with big goals, aiming to be able to provide coffee roasters who have producer livelihoods in mind, with coffees that have an immediate and direct impact. Naturally, we thought they sounded like the perfect fit, and we're really pleased to be offering this first coffee in partnership with them.