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Rounton Coffee Sumatra - Team Pegasing

In recent years, coffee processing methods have become more and more complex - really pushing the boundaries to produce some incredible results in the coffee you drink. One of the most noteworthy of those is carbonic maceration, which has its origins in wine production...

In the case of our latest coffee from Sumatra - Team Pegasing - cherries are picked, then left for up to 80 hours to ferment in carbon dioxide-rich fermentation tanks. The carbon dioxide allows the cherry to ferment slowly from the inside out, producing flavours unlike any other processing method! 

Pegasing is a washing station and farm owned by Hendra and his family. Hendra started working in coffee with his father, Hamdan, in 2010 - he now processes coffee from around 70 local farmers and uses around 10 different processes. It's a real forward-thinking farm, which has helped to elevate the status of coffee in the region, and helps bring premiums to the producers that work with Hendra.  

  • £10.50
ALTITUDE1,300 - 1,500masl
LOCATIONAceh, Sumatra
PREPARATIONCarbonic Maceration
OWNERSSmallholder Farmers
NOTESKiwi, Ginger, Silky