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Rounton Coffee Sumatra - Kerinci

The Kayo Aro District of West Sumatra is home to the Alko cooperative - a group of over 400 farmers who are processing coffees in ways not usually found in Sumatra.  Typically, Sumatran coffees undergo the Giling Basah process, which helps create the recognisable boldness of a Sumatran cup. This lot from Kerinci is washed, however - meaning that it is possible to delve deeper into the qualities of the coffee itself, rather than the effects of the processing method.

The people who inhabit this region are originally from the island of Java and migrated to this region tin the 1960’s as part of a Government program looking to spread people to available land to farm. The cooperative benefit from  an electronic system and database online that producers have access to,showing their coffee deliveries, prices paid, as well a general information about sales the cooperative makes and also farming education and information they can reach.

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VARIETALAndung Sari, S795, Sigarar Utang
OWNERSAlko Cooperative
NOTESOrange, Nutmeg, Toffee

Notes from the team:

We have always been curious about the prospect of a washed Sumatran coffee, and this has not disappointed. It's really interesting to see what the Sumatran varietals have to offer when stripped back to their bare selves, rather than going through the Giling Basah process typical to Sumatra.