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Rounton Coffee Sumatra Jagong Village

Smallerholders of Jagong Village in Aceh, Sumatra. combine to produce this coffee - expect a bold, full body, with spice and citrus notes on the finish.

  • £6.75
ALTITUDE1,600 - 1,800masl
LOCATIONTakengon & Lake Tawar
VARIETALBourbon, P88
OWNERSCooperative Members
NOTESDark Chocolate, Nutmeg, Orange Oil

Jagong Village was established during the 1980’s as a result of the Indonesian transmigration program, when Javanese people were offered land and a new start in Sumatra in an attempt to reduce the population on the overcrowded island of Java. The settlers started to produce Arabica coffee. The village is located in the Central Aceh District, south of Aceh’s capital Takengon and around 35 kilometres from Lake Tawar. There are 25 members of the Jagong Village Cooperative who grow organic Bourbon and P88 varieties on plots of land that average around one hectare in size. These coffees are unrivalled in their depth of body and often have fascinating complexity. The coffee is semi-washed and wet-hulled, a process that involves the part-drying of freshly pulped beans before removing the parchment and allowing the swollen and ‘blanched’ beans to be sun dried to a deep green colour.