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Rounton Coffee Sumatra Bener Meriah

Smallerholders from Aceh, Sumatra. combine to produce this coffee - expect a bold, full body, with sweetness throughout and a peppery finish.

  • £6.75
ALTITUDE1,100 - 1,450masl
LOCATIONTingkem, Aceh
VARIETALTypica, Red Caturra, Tim Tim
OWNERSBener Meriah Farmer Group
NOTESChocolate, Pink Peppercorn, Sweet Tobacco

 Located near Tingkem in the Regency of Bener Meriah, the co-opertaive compromises of 400 farmers spread over 450 hectares who grow their coffee in the rich and fertile volcanic loam soils which are comprised of a mixture of sand, silt and clay. This soil type combined with the climate allow for the perfect growing conditions of coffee giving the rich and full bodied, spicy and smokey coffees associated with the region. The Mandheling coffee represent all Arabica coffee in this area and the name derives from the Mandailing people who produce coffee in the Tapanuli region.