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Rounton Coffee Sumatra - Atu Lintang

The district of Atu Lintang is located at the northernmost point of Sumatra, and is in close proximity to many areas in which we have sourced coffee from previously. What makes this coffee different to our other offerings from Sumatra is that these lots have been processed in a central processing plant, rather than processed by the individual farmers that make up the cooperative. This leads to a much more uniform quality and taste in this coffee.

  • £7.25
ALTITUDE1,300 - 1,500masl
LOCATIONAtu Lintang District, Aceh
OWNERSVarious Smallholder Farmers
NOTESDark Chocolate, Sweet Tobacco, Spice

Sumatran coffees undergo a unique processing method called Giling Basah in which the beans are purposefully left with more moisture in them than is traditionally left behind in coffee processing. When roasted, these coffees tend to have a real depth of character, and a spicy complexity, unlikely to be found in coffees from anywhere else in the world.