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Rounton Coffee Sparkling Water Decaf

Congo Sangara

The Sangara farm is a 30 hectare farm situated in the Northern Kivu region on the beautiful and dramatic hills surrounding the shores of Lake Kivu. The head is the local village elder, who runs the farm and also supports his community, buying his neighbours coffee from their smallholdings where they grow coffee amongst other staple crops. 

A bold coffee despite the lack of caffeine.  Full of chocolate and caramel sweetness.

An ideal espresso coffee

  • £6.50
ALTITUDE1,500 - 1,780masl
LOCATIONLake Kivu, Northern Kivu, Eastern Congo
PREPARATIONHand Pulped and dried on raised Beds
OWNERSPrivately Owned
NOTESCaramel, Milk Chocolate, Citrus

After being handpicked, the coffee is then hand pulped from a central location, bringing consistency to the end cup quality. The coffee is then dried on raised African beds for 10-14 days until the correct moisture levels are reached. From here it is then transported to the CoffeeLac dry mill in Goma, where the parchment is then removed and bagged in GrainPro liners. The journey is then a 12 day travel from central Africa out to the port of Mombasa where it can be shipped.

The investment in this area for washing and processing to improve quality has seen an increase in income of up to 3 fold, compared to selling parchment in previous seasons.

The Sparkling Water Decaf process is a much cleaner and environmentally friendly way of removing caffeine from the coffee.  You can be read about the process here.