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Rounton Coffee Sparkling Water Decaf

Peru - Cha Cha

Our current decaf is a blend lots from producers across Jaen, Peru. Smallholder farmers from the Chirinos and Huabal districts come together to deliver their coffee to a central dry mill.

This lot is named after the city Chachapoyas, which is the capital of the neighbouring Amazonas region.




1. The green beans are soaked / cleaned in water, this allows the pores to open up as the beans expand and the caffeine to become mobile.

2. Pressured Carbon Dioxide is introduced, this combined with the present water creates sparkling water. The CO2 acts like a magnet to the caffeine molecules, extracting it from the beans.

3. The water is then drained into an evaporator which precipitates the caffeine rich carbon dioxide out of the water

4. This cycle is repeated until the caffeine level is low enough to be classified as decaf

5. The decaffeinated coffee is then gently dried until it reaches its original moisture content and is then ready for roasting.

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Notes from the team:

We don't believe in 'Death Before Decaf' - in fact, we drink loads of the stuff!⁣ Our current decaf offering is rich and chocolatey, like any good Peruvian coffee. We like to showcase various origins throughout the year, all with their origin characteristics shining through...⁣⠀

⁣We want to give decaf drinkers the very best, and we'll always give it just as much attention as any of our other coffees. Guy, our Head Roaster, drinks more decaf than anyone else we know...