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Rounton Coffee Rwanda Nyungwe Natural

The Nyungwe Washing Station was acquired in 2014 by the Rwanda Trading Company. This presents some exciting opportunities around the ability to select top quality micro-lot coffees from high altitude communities and even carry out experimental work on processing – perhaps for the creation of honey and natural lots. 

This coffee from Rwanda is possibly the best we have received to date and is a true reflection on the Rwanda trading companies  commitment to quality.   

  • £6.80
ALTITUDE1660 - 2100 masl 
LOCATIONNyamasheke District, Western Province
OWNERSRwanda Trading Company
NOTES Cherry, dark chocolate and blueberry with a velvety body

This natural lot we are offering from Nyungwe this season has been handpicked by smallholder members prior to sorting and separation. The  lot has been dried for 5 weeks on raised beds. The process and moisture are very controlled to avoid over fermentation of the coffee. Once dried to the perfect moisture content, they are then delivered to the mill where the lot is categorised and cupped to analyse the flavour profiles inherent in the lot. 

Expect super sweet cherry and chocolate notes with a pleasant blueberry acidity and rich velvety body. This coffee is an outstanding pick from this years harvest and can be enjoyed at any time of day.