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Rounton Coffee Rwanda - Huye Mountain

David Rubanzangabo set up the Huye Mountain washing station in 2011, which has become regarded as one of Rwanda's foremost locations for coffee production. As well as the high-altitude grown coffees and their exceptional cup quality, Huye Mountain washing station provides benefits for the 1,330 smallholder farmers who process their cherry there. 

David has made an effort to go above and beyond what is normal for a producer to offer - giving access to health insurance, micro-loans and help with school fees to the farmers he works alongside. It is this investment - of time and attention as well as financial - which means that Huye Mountain will likely continue to thrive and produce more brilliant coffees like this as the years go on.

During the harvest, farmers' cherries are collected from their local collection station by a truck, which delivers the lots to the Huye Mountain washing station. From there the lots are separated, washed, and dried on raised beds for 30 days - turned each hour to ensure even drying and uniformity. This attention to detail and well-established infrastructure has lead to coffees from Huye Mountain being entered year upon year to Rwanda's Cup Of Excellence awards.

  • £7.50
ALTITUDE1,600 - 2,300 masl
LOCATIONHuye District
OWNERSDavid Rubanzangabo
NOTESBlackberry, Vanilla, Rich

Notes from the team:

Huye Mountain is one of those coffees that have developed a bit of a name for themselves - something of a 'rockstar coffee'. It's a fine example of a naturally processed coffee, with heaps of complexity and sweetness. We've found that through an AeroPress, the richness of body really shines through, but Huye Mountain is a coffee that can be enjoyed in many ways. 

Having enjoyed it ourselves, we aren't surprised that this coffee has been so popular - it likely won't be around much longer...