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Rounton Coffee Rwanda - Bwenda

Bwenda Washing station was developed by its owner, Bernard Uwitije, in 2018, after spending the two previous years learning how to produce coffees that met a specialty standard.

Bernard's background was as a home producer of coffee, but since honing his skills and focusing on processing methods, he and the team at Bwenda have been able to produce two lots - one of which we are lucky enough to be able to offer here. 

  • £7.40
ALTITUDE1,700 masl
OWNERSBernard Uwitije
NOTESCranberry, Rhubarb, Lemon

The coffees produced at Bwenda are washed, and come from the various farmers who grow their cherries nearby. Bwenda was built to assist these farmers, who were previously relatively isolated. By supporting this station, these farmers will continue to be incentivised to grow the best crops possible, knowing that the processing available to them can allow them to fetch a premium for their cherry.