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Rounton Coffee Costa Rica Cumbres De Poas

Expect notes of hops and tropical fruit. There is a level of complexity in this coffee that we rarely see, each time we cup it we notice something different. We think this is a real coffee lover’s coffee.

  • £7.00
LOCATIONCentral Valley
OWNERSOscar Chacon Solano
NOTESHops, Tropical Fruit, Lime


Oscar Chacon Solano is the owner and manager of the world famous Las Lajas mill. Cumbres De Poas is the name of one of the farms also owned by Oscar that supplies the mill. The name Las Lajas is world renowned for the exceptional quality of the processing. Oscar and his wife have developed a number of unique methods for processing Honey’s and Naturals that define the flavour of the coffee they produce. They guard the intricacies of their processing like the Colonel guards the secrets of his 11 herbs and spices. The exact details of the processing of this lot will remain unknown. All we know is that this coffee is excellent.