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Rounton Coffee Peru - Santos Manchay

Guillermo Santos Manchay is the owner of the 3 hectare farm, El Mango, in the Vira Vira area

of La Coipa, which sits at 1700masl. Guillermo has mostly caturra, with some pache and typica,

and he has been replanting the farm with more caturra. The Vira Vira area has a lot of

potential for quality since it has high altitude and large temperature fluctuations since it is on

an exposed mountainside. Guillermo received training to improve his quality, focusing on

improving picking and processing and drying more slowly and evenly.

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LOCATIONVira, La Coipa
VARIETALCaturra, Pache, Typica
OWNERSGuillermo Santos Manchay
FLAVOURRedcurrant, Baked apple, Demerara sugar