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Rounton Coffee Peru - Deiner Quispe Hurtado

Deiner's farm is located in the village of el Diamante, Northern Peru. From his two hectares of land, Deiner and his brothers hand-pick their cherries from their 8,000 plants. These cherries are then delivered to Deiner’s neighbour, Roger Chilcon Flores, who assists with the processing (in this case, washed).

  • £7.25
LOCATIONSan José de Lourdes
VARIETALCaturra & Castillo
OWNERSDeiner Quispe Hurtado
FLAVOURPear, White Sugar, Juicy 

Coffee from this region has been hard to get to get to the specialty market, due to poor infrastructure and lack of training amongst farmers. This lot from Deiner and his brothers marks a change in the way coffee is produced and traded in this area of Peru, and we are glad to be able to support a more direct and sustainable approach, with results that taste complex and sweet.