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Rounton Coffee Nicaragua - Los Cipreses

This lot is produced by Ever Caceres, owner of Los Cipreses. The farm is located in North-Western Nicaragua and benefits from ample rainfall and shade trees (guava and citrus). 

The Maracaturra varietal is a hybrid of Caturra and Maragogype - mainly found in Nicaragua. It gets its giant size from the Maragogype side of the hybrid - a bean that's also known as the 'elephant bean'! 

While the Maracaturra varietal takes a lot of looking after (it's susceptible to coffee leaf rust), producers can expect complex results in the cup, and high yield. We get notes of praline, nougat and loads of complexity. 

Dig a little deeper - you might also find a suggestion of coriander seed, sourdough and pinot noir (but maybe that's just Burts getting carried away)! 

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Ocotal, Nicaragua
OWNERSEver Caceres
NOTESPraline, Nougat, Complex