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Rounton Coffee Myanmar - Ruby Hills

Ruby Hills Estate is situated in Mogok, a deep mountainous area in the north of Mandalay region, its name reflecting the world-famous and highly prized rubies mined here. This is a remote and inaccessible area for foreigners who can only access with permission from the government. The farm, 65 acres in size and at an elevation of 1220-1525 masl, is family owned and operated by Arrow Brothers, who have been growing and processing coffee since 2002.

This micro-lot is one of the finest coffees from Ruby Hills Estate. Cherries are grown in a separate 10-acre coffee plot within the farm, containing 5000 plants. Due to the steep slopes and fewer quantities of plants per acre, the total amount of green beans is relatively small compared with other farms in Myanmar.

Cherries are harvested at peak ripeness and then floated and pulped within 4 hours of harvest. This takes place twice daily with both the morning and evening harvest. All of the wet parchment is put in 25-litre buckets, leaving no headspace, removing excess air. Fermentation takes place between 48-72 hours. Following fermentation, coffees are dried for approximately 20-24 days on raised beds.

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ALTITUDE1220-1525 masl
VARIETALCatimor H528
OWNERSArrow Brothers
FLAVOURGolden Syrup, Pear, Oaty 

Following Myanmar’s independence in 1948, a concerted drive to produce coffee occurred much later during the political reforms of 2011, when agricultural growth was encouraged as part of the government's opium eradication programme. The subsequent opening up of its economy led to an increased focus on coffee as a commercial crop. The focus on specialty grade coffee over the past few years has come courtesy of development initiatives from Winrock Foundation, USAID and CQI – but mainly the hard work and endless enthusiasm of the Burmese people.