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Rounton Coffee Mexico Finca Muxbal

The name Muxbal is the local term which means “place surrounded by clouds”.

A truly spectacular farm which is managed by mother and son team Maeggi Rodriguez and Jorge Gallardo.

Expect a sweet and juicy coffee with notes of peach and honey


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LOCATIONChiapas, Southern Mexico
PREPARATIONWet processed, patio dried / machine dried
VARIETALCaturra, Catuai, mundo novo & pacamara
OWNERSMaeggai Rodriguez and her son, Jorge Gallardo
NOTESPeach, Honey and Syrup

The farm is Rainforest Alliance certified.  It has been achieving an astonishing 100% in recent audits and was the first in Mexico to achieve such perfection. It is easy to understand why. The housing for permanent and temporary staff is clean and comfortable. The canteen is of a high quality – again, spotlessly clean where three nutritious meals are served for all each day. There is also a well-equipped school, which is open throughout the harvest for the children of the coffee pickers. Great emphasis is placed on all of the social needs of the people who work the land at Muxbal. Much of the farm has been given over to a breathtakingly beautiful nature reserve – a gorge where icy mountain waters flow through a jungle that teems with life. To allow access to the farm, which stands on a plateau above the gorge, a feat of engineering has been achieved in the form of a road that has been carved into the cliff-face. The 4x4 climb up this winding track is absolutely not for the fainthearted but the brave are rewarded with a visit to one of Mexico’s best coffee farms.