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Rounton Coffee Kenya - Kiungu AB

The Kiungu AB lot is produced by the Kathima factory that is under control of the Thambana Cooperative society. The cooperative is located in Embu, a neighbouring county to Kirinyaga on the slopes of Mount Kenya. Thambana Coop is supported by Tropical farm management, a company that supports smallholders to increase their coffee production as well as help the factories on quality control and tracing skills of processing methods to implement better practices and guarantee consistency throughout the harvest. 

The factory is also giving out the cherry flesh after pulping for the farmers to makebio-compost to be used as fertiliser. The coffees are traditionally processed with dry fermentation before washed and graded in channels and dried on raised beds. The farmers are mainly growing SL28 and SL34.

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ALTITUDE1,700 - 1,800 MASL
NOTESApricot, Brown Sugar, Honey

Notes from the team:

We take our Kenyan coffees to a lower end temperature than our other coffees, to really try and coax out the acidity. Having said that, they are also well developed, to avoid any grassy, vegetal notes. They’re quite a tricky one to get to behave in the roaster!

We always think of Kenyan coffees as having a quality a bit like lemon curd - they’re bright and a little bit tangy, but they have a really pleasant body underpinning them which totally ties it all together.