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Rounton Coffee Kenya - Kamwangi

The Kamwangi factory is situated in the Gichugu division of Kenya's Kirinyaga district. Kamwangi is affiliated to the Ngairiama FCS cooperative, and there are nearly 1000 members who each have around 250 coffee trees growing alongside maize, banana trees, macadamia trees and beans. 

In the cup, expect the typical bright acidity of a great Kenyan lot, with notes of blood orange and a hint of coriander seed. The body is velvety and luxurious, creating great balance.

The cooperative is Rainforest Alliance certified, which has led to better access to training along with greater transparency for the members. There has also been a credit system developed to assist with pre-financing for the cooperative members who can use it to purchase farm inputs or to pay school fees.

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ALTITUDE1,600 - 1,800 MASL
NOTESBlood Orange, Honey, Velvety

Notes from the team:

We take our Kenyan coffees to a lower end temperature than our other coffees, to really try and coax out the acidity. Having said that, they are also well developed, to avoid any grassy, vegetal notes. They’re quite a tricky one to get to behave in the roaster!

We always think of Kenyan coffees as having a quality a bit like lemon curd - they’re bright and a little bit tangy, but they have a really pleasant body underpinning them which totally ties it all together.