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Rounton Coffee Kenya - Gititu

Gititu is situated on the slopes of Mt. Kenya near the town of Karatina. The coffee is first processed with a short fermentation, before being fully washed. After washing, the beans sit under clean water for another 24 hours. This extra soaking leads to the pronounced acidity and complexity that makes Kenyan coffee so special.

This coffee has really got it all. Expect a big hit of blackcurrant on the nose, and plenty of brightness. That brightness translates to complex acidity in the cup, with notes of golden raisin, and grapefruit. Just like with a grapefruit - bitterness isn’t a bad thing, and there’s just the slightest hint of it with Gititu, bringing everything together.

It’s a coffee with a big, syrupy body, and a load of juiciness - one of the most exciting lots to grace our cupping table this year!

  • £9.75
ALTITUDE1,700 - 1,800 MASL
LOCATIONKaratina, Nyeri County
NOTESBlackcurrant, Grapefruit, Syrupy

Notes from the team:

We take our Kenyan coffees to a lower end temperature than our other coffees, to really try and coax out the acidity. Having said that, they are also well developed, to avoid any grassy, vegetal notes. They’re quite a tricky one to get to behave in the roaster!

We always think of Kenyan coffees as having a quality a bit like lemon curd - they’re bright and a little bit tangy, but they have a really pleasant body underpinning them which totally ties it all together.