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Rounton Coffee Kenya - Baragwi PB

The Baragwi Cooperative Society brings together coffees from various farms in Kirinyaga County, including Muchagara, a farm whose coffees we have been impressed with in the past. 

A quality Kenyan coffee is like the jewel in the crown of a coffee roaster's arsenal, and we are particularly happy with this one. Like little round jewels themselves, these peaberries are bright, juicy and moreish.

Coffee cherries usually form with two seeds in the middle, the faces of which sit flat against one another. A peaberry is formed when only a single seed grows in the cherry, which leads to its unmistakable rounded shape.

  • £8.00
ALTITUDE1,700-1,800 MASL
LOCATIONKirinyaga County
NOTESRaspberry, Floral, Buttery