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Rounton Coffee Honduras - Hugo Hernan Lopez

Hugo Hernan Lopez is one of the original founders of the Aruco Cooperative. He has been working with coffee for 36 years and his farm El Naranjo is 4ha in size planted with Catuai, Lempira, and more recently, Parainema. 

Expect a brew with a sweetness like apricot jam, and a clean, bright finish. It's by no means a one-dimensional coffee though; moreish butterscotch notes give this coffee a great body, providing balance and texture.

He believes in protecting the environment and no longer uses herbicides since the start of Aruco. He also uses a type of chilli water to apply to the soil to help prevent the spread of nematodes.

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El Naranjo

VARIETALParainema, Lempira
OWNERSHugo Hernan Lopez
NOTESApricot, Butterscotch, Jammy