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Rounton Coffee Guatemala - Todos Santos

Todos Santos Cuchumatan is located in Northern Guatemala, where coffee has been farmed organically for the last 30 years. The members of the group share 37 hectares of land, giving each farmer between 1 and 2 hectares each to care for. 

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Cuchumatan, Huehuetenango 

PREPARATIONExtended Fermentation
OWNERSSmallholder Farmers
NOTESBaked Apple, Raisin, Balanced

The coffee grown undergoes an extended fermentation process, where the crops are washed and pulped, before being fermented for up to 4 days. This type of processing requires a lot of care and attention, so as not to over-ferment any cherries.In the cup, there is a balanced sweetness, with a rich body.

Baked apple and raisin notes are most prominent, with a slight sparkling finish.