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Rounton Coffee Guatemala - Finca Rabanales

Don Gregorio Zamora founded Finca Rabanales - now run by his great great grandchildren, this farm has been in the family for five generations.

Of the five siblings that make up the family, Rafael and Maria Elenamanage the farm on a daily basis. Rafael manages the technical field details, whilst Maria Elena supports the cupping operations.

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1,400 - 1,800



OWNERSVentura Family
NOTESPlum, Cola, Malty

During the harvest, the coffee is hand picked daily and brought to the wet mill after sorting. There, it rests in the gravity flotation tank until 7 am the next day.
Then, the coffee is immediately pulped, and is passed through a demucilager to remove the excess mucilage. The freshly washed coffee parchment then moves to the patio via a channel.