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Rounton Coffee Granary Blend

Named after the beautiful building that we roast in.  This coffee is slow roasted to maximise those caramelised sugars.  

The Granary Blend, is a full bodied coffee with a smooth chocolatey finish.  


This 100% Arabica blend is completely traceable, sourced from certified farms and an ideal coffee to use in your milky drinks.

  • £5.90


Our Granary Blend has been put together using only fully traceable and sustainable coffee’s from 3 of the greatest coffee producing regions across the world.


40% Brazil Fazenda Pantano (Rainforest Alliance)

A pulped natural coffee that offers a more natural sweetness, with a great balance and a little more body.  With subtle hints of Chocolate and Almonds, this is a great base for our espresso.

30% El Salvador Bosque Lya (Rainforest Alliance)

This El Salvador coffee adds a huge amount of character to our espresso blend.  Look out for the caramel, creamy milk chocolate, stewed plums and rich cherry notes.

30 % Sumatra Jagong (Organic & Fairtrade)

We have found that the Sumatran gives our blend real depth with a great long lasting length of flavour.