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Rounton Coffee Granary Blend

Every coffee roaster needs a home, and we found ours in a converted old granary building, tucked away at the top of North Yorkshire. It seemed only fitting that we named our first blend after this home, and so the Granary Blend was born.

Chocolatey, nutty and sweet, Granary Blend is a real all-rounder. It's our version of a traditional espresso blend, with a rich body, lingering sweetness and great balance. It's outstanding on its own, and delightful as the base of a milky drink.


We've found a winning formula with the components of the Granary Blend. There's a chocolatey base from Brazil, nuttiness and sweetness from El Salvador, and a bold Sumatran that ties it all together. Like all of our coffees, these farms all have sustainability and quality at their core.

  • £6.25

50% Brazil - Santo Antonio / Pinhal

A pulped natural coffee that offers a more natural sweetness, with a great balance and a little more body.  With subtle hints of chocolate and almonds, this is a great base for our espresso.

25% El Salvador - Cuzcachapa

This El Salvador coffee adds a huge amount of character to our espresso blend.  Look out for the caramel, creamy milk chocolate, stewed plums and rich cherry notes.

25 % Sumatra - Atu Lintang

We have found that the Sumatran gives our blend real depth with a great long lasting length of flavour.