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Rounton Coffee Festive Blend

These coffees have been specially selected for this year's Festive Blend, having been absolutely outstanding on the cupping table. With natural sweetness coming from the Rwandan and a big hit of funkiness from a naturally processed Peruvian, it's Christmas in a cup.

With notes of brandy butter, cranberries and dates, this Festive Blend will transport you to that feeling of cosiness, warmth (and maybe a little over-indulgence)!

A great blend creates something that's more than the sum of its parts. 

Rwanda - Gitwe. With great altitude, volcanic fertile soils and regular rainfall, Gitwe has the perfect mix of growing conditions. A group of over 800 farmers make up the Gitwe cooperative, and the coffee produced there has all the brightness and balance

Peru - Estela Menor. Estela Menor's coffee is an absolute flavour bomb - a well processed natural coffee that gives our Festive Blend its comforting warmth and funkiness. A little goes a long way - tasting like raspberry jam and dark chocolate on its own, as part of the blend it transforms into the boozy, brandy butter-like notes that we love at this time of year.

  • £9.00
ALTITUDE1,400-1,800 MASL

Rwanda - Gitwe

Peru - Estela Menor

PREPARATIONWashed, Natural
OWNERSCooperative Owners, Estela Menor
NOTESCranberry, Date, Brandy Butter