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Rounton Coffee Festive Blend

There’s something reassuring about the predictable change of the seasons. For us, it means the arrival of new coffees, and we’ve been tinkering away to create an extra-special Festive Blend...

After the year we’ve all had, we’re unashamedly going head-first into the Christmas spirit. With this blend, we wanted to create something to bring a little bit of cheer, in its own little way. Read more about the blend here...

80%  Guatemala - Todos Santos. An organic Caturra, with baked apple notes and a slight zestiness - a fantastic coffee in its own right. A huge hit last year - we’re really glad to have it back in this year’s Festive Blend.

20% Uganda - Ibanda. From the Bugoye washing station - relatively close to Kisinga, home to one of 2020’s most popular coffees. This coffee, from the village of Ibanda, is a high altitude mixture of SL14 and SL28 varietals, along with some regional landraces.

  • £10.00
ALTITUDE1,400-2,000 MASL

Guatemala - Todos Santos

Uganda - Ibanda

PREPARATIONWashed, Natural
VARIETALSL14, SL28, Regional Landraces, Caturra
OWNERSCooperative Owners
NOTESDried Fruits, Warming Spices

Over 110,000 tonnes of plastic packaging is thrown away in the UK each Christmas - that's the same as 3.3 million Emperor penguins! We have a duty to have as minimal an impact as possible, which is why the packaging for our Festive Blend is carbon-neutral and fully recyclable.

Of course, packaging needs to look good too! This year’s Festive Blend comes neatly packed in a decorative red box - perfect as a stocking filler, or as a gift to yourself to fuel your online gift shopping.