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Rounton Coffee Festive Blend

This year, we wanted to create a blend that would perk up even the biggest Scrooge, no matter how dark and frosty it gets outside. We've selected two coffees that come together to create a cup with hints of spice, sweetness and a rich body - perfect as we head towards Christmas. 

It's a 50/50 split of a washed SL34 from Myanmar, which offers a buttery body and slight cranberry-like tartness, and a rich and boozy macerated natural from El Mirador, El Salvador. Together, we think we've managed to create the perfect Festive Blend... it's a shame it won't be around for long!

  • £8.00

Myanmar - Green Land Estate

El Salvador -  El Mirador

PREPARATIONWashed, Macerated Natural
OWNERSU Sai Wan, Alvarez Gallardo Family
NOTESCranberry, Toffee, Spice