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Rounton Coffee Ethiopia Kana Yirgacheffe

A distinctive Naturally processed Ethiopian Yirgacheffe with notes of Wild Fruits, Chocolate and Lime

  • £6.75
ALTITUDE1,950 - 2,150masl
LOCATIONHaricha Woreda, Godeo Zone
OWNERSCooperative Owned
NOTESWild Fruit, Lime, Boozy

Yirgacheffe is both a town and grade of coffee in Ethiopia. The town itself is located in the Gedeo zone in the Southern Nations and Nationalities Peoples Regional State (SNNPRS) in Southern Ethiopia. More than any other country, Ethiopia has a broad genetic diversity among its coffee varieties, with each type having distinctive taste, shape and colour. As a result, each region in the country can offer a different flavour profile, forming the grading system for Ethiopian coffees e.g. Sidamo, Harrar, Limu, Djimmah etc. It is widely argued that a Yirgacheffe grade coffee can offer one of the most distinctive flavour profiles in the world with pungent floral aroma and intense citrus flavour.