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Rounton Coffee Ethiopia Kaffa Forest

Caramel sweetness with apricots and florals, a beautiful Ethiopian Coffee great as both filter and single origin espresso.

There is a well known legend about the origins of Coffee and that legend starts in Ethiopia.  It is said that a goat herder named Kaldi noticed that when his flock ate those bright red cherries of a certain bush that they became much more energetic.  He brought those berries back to an Islamic Monk in a nearby Monastery who disapproved of them and threw them into a fire, from which a beautiful and enticing aroma billowed.

Of course, from this story we can gather that good old Kaldi didn’t listen to the old monk and went about his business and created a thriving coffee business!!

It is said that all the coffee grown in the world today is a descendent from the coffee of this region and Rounton Coffee love our Ethiopian Coffees.

This coffee is double certified, both Rainforest Alliance and Organic.  It is a light cup with notes of caramel sweetness with apricots and florals.

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FARM Kaffa Forest Ethiopia

ALTITUDE 1750 – 1850masl

LOCATION SW of Addis Ababa, Kaffa Highlands

PREPARATION Washed and Sundried

VARIETAL Various heirloom coffees

OWNERS Green Coffee Agro Industries

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