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Rounton Coffee Ethiopia - Hambella


Hambella is a relative newcomer to the Ethiopian coffee scene, with coffee production only taking hold fairly recently, due to an increased average temperature in the region. Due to this, the coffee trees in Hambella are often younger and better maintained than trees elsewhere in Ethiopia - leading to better cup quality. 

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LOCATIONHambella, Guji
VARIETALRegional Landraces
OWNERSBuno General Trading
NOTESMango, Jasmine, Creamy

Farmers in the Hambella region also benefit from owning larger areas of land than the Ethiopian average - this has meant that farmers at the Goro washing station have been more incentivised to improve the quality of their crops through training.This coffee is amongst the finest Ethiopian naturals we have come across, with a syrupy mango sweetness, and floral complexity.