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Rounton Coffee Ethiopia - Bombe

This is an Ethiopian coffee, inspired by Guatemalan processing - a great combination if ever we heard one! It's the result of the collaboration between Asefa Dukamo (owner of Daye Bensa) and Josue Morales of Los Volcanes, Guatemala.  

The extended dry fermentation typical of Guatemalan coffee involves the cherry being fermented in climate-controlled tanks, before being fully washed. 

Applied to this Ethiopian coffee, the process results in pronounced mango-like sweetness, with a clean black tea finish.

As well as tasting delicious, this process uses a lot less water than other methods, important for the environmental impact of the washing station.

  • £9.00
ALTITUDE2,000 - 2,400masl
LOCATIONBensa, Sidama
PREPARATIONExtended Fermentation
VARIETALRegional Landraces
OWNERSCooperative Farmers
NOTESBlack Tea, Mango, Honey