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Rounton Coffee El Salvador - Los Pirineos - Pacamara

Los Pirineos is located in Usulutan, El Salvador, and is owned by Gilberto Baraona. The farm has been in his family for three generations. Gilberto employs 50 full-time employees and 75 seasonal staff, each of whom are trained to Gilberto's strict standards, allowing this farm to produce coffees that are sought after by some of the world's top roasters.


  • £8.75
ALTITUDE1,200 - 1,800
LOCATIONUsulutan, El Salvador
OWNERSGilberto Baraona
NOTESOrange, Nougat, Cream

Los Pirineos spans a range of altitudes from 1,200-1,800 MASL, and is situated on fertile volcanic soil, close in proximity to Volcan Santa Ana and Izalco. Los Pirineos was one of three farms that we visited in February 2018; this is now the third coffee we have bought from Gilberto Baraona.

We met up again with Gilberto at the World of Coffee in June this year, where we cupped this particular coffee with him. His work with the Pacamara varietal is sought-after the world over, and for good reason. For a naturally processed coffee, it is incredibly clean and well processed, with aromatic orange top notes and a creamy, moreish body.