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Rounton Coffee Ehiopia Adado

Cream and Lime, with a Juicy Finish, a beautiful Ethiopian Coffee great as both filter and single origin espresso.

There is a well known legend about the origins of Coffee and that legend starts in Ethiopia.  It is said that a goat herder named Kaldi noticed that when his flock ate those bright red cherries of a certain bush that they became much more energetic.  He brought those berries back to an Islamic Monk in a nearby Monastery who disapproved of them and threw them into a fire, from which a beautiful and enticing aroma billowed.

Of course, from this story we can gather that good old Kaldi didn’t listen to the old monk and went about his business and created a thriving coffee business!!

It is said that all the coffee grown in the world today is a descendant from the coffee of this region and Rounton Coffee love our Ethiopian Coffees.

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ALTITUDE2,000m, 2,350m
LOCATIONAdado, Gedeo Zone, Yirgacheffe
NOTESCream, Peach, Lime

Adado is an area close to the town of Yirgacheffe in the Gedeo zone of Southern Ethiopia. It is named after the Adado tribe, and has some of the highest coffee growing coffee in the country, ranging between 2000 and 2350 masl. It is estimated that there are approximately 7000 producers in this area, who deliver cherry to 8 washing stations, which in turn produce between 20 and 30 containers of coffee for export each year.