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Rounton Coffee Colombia - San Lorenzo

Colombian coffees are known for offering a juicy, jammy quality, and coffee from

San Lorenzo is no different.

With the unmistakable brightness of cherry, and a sweetness reminiscent of a

plump raisin, there are many layers to enjoy in this Colombian coffee. Underpinning

everything is a rich chocolatey finish, to give the coffee a great balance.

Colombian coffees are perfect for the coffee drinker who wants to experience the

potential of what specialty coffee has to offer. San Lorenzo is a stepping stone from

more traditional coffees, allowing you to enjoy complexity and juiciness, without


sacrificing that ‘punch’ traditionally associated with coffee.

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LOCATIONRiosucio, Caldas
VARIETALCaturra, Castillo, Colombia
OWNERSSan Lorenzo Group
NOTESCherry, Raisin, Dark Chocolate

This coffee is produced by 179 smallholder farmers, whose crops are brought

together into a central processing plant. Their individual contributions are recorded,

allowing them to be paid accordingly for the quality of their coffee.

Each farmer has approximately 0.5 hectares of land in which they have about 2500

coffee trees.

The indigenous inhabitants believe in the Pacha Mama, seeing the land as a living

being. To them it is their duty to protect the natural environment and have as little

impact as possible from their farming of coffee and to leave it as it has always been.