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Rounton Coffee Colombia Rio Magdalena

This Sweet, complex coffee has been selected from the Oporapa region in Huila and is made up of two farms in the area - Chorro Alto belonging to Edward Rojas Claros (10 Ha) and El Placer belonging to Arly Rojas Chavarro (3Ha). Both famrers are keen to improve the quality of their coffee and are starting to produce some stand out crops. With the money they receive from producing specialty coffee they are able to re-invest into the farms to help grow and provide better incomes for their families. During the harvest they pulp the coffee each night and then leave to dry ferment for between 14-18 hours, this process is evident in the cup and provides a very sweet balanced flavour profile with a rich jammy body.

A well balanced sweet coffee with hints of citrus fruit and a rich syrupy mouth feel.  

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ALTITUDE1600- 1650 masl
LOCATIONOporapa, Huila
VARIETALCaturra, Castillo, Colombia
OWNERSEdward Rojas Claros & Arley Rojas Chavarro
NOTESRedcurrant, Cane Sugar, Jammy