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Rounton Coffee Colombia - Monte Bonito

Most of the coffee growers from this region, are very small with only between 1 - 3 hectares with 89 associates in this group. They are responsible for full management of the farm and will pick the coffee themselves only asking for help from their neighbours when needed.

During the harvest the coffee is picked, depulped and left to ferment for between 16 to 18 hours. Next day the coffee is then washed and is ready for drying. Some of them have 'Eldas' (on the roof of the house), some others 'carros quindianos' (drying beds with a rail system). The rest have parabolic tents for drying the coffee for between 10 -14 days depending on the climate.

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LOCATIONMonte Bonito, Caldas
VARIETALCastillo, Colombia
OWNERSManizales Group
NOTESToffee, Red Berries, Chocolate

Notes from the team:

For us, Colombian coffees make one word spring to mind every time - jammy. While they often have red fruit notes, like redcurrants and cherries, the way that Colombian coffees behave in the roaster often mean that these fruit flavours are more like cooked, stewed fruits. 

Monte Bonito is really versatile, and is great as filter or espresso. Colombian coffees in general are a great stepping-stone into the world of specialty coffee. Sweet, complex and with a load of body, they're always a good choice.