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Rounton Coffee Colombia - Finca La Primavera

Finca La Primavera is produced by Hugo Sepulveda and his family, in the Urrao region of North-Western Colombia. 
A small farm, at only 1.5 hectares (about the size of Lord's cricket ground), there is very little margin for error, so a lot of care has been taken to make sure that the farm is as productive as possible.


The resulting coffee is exceptional. There is a balance and sweetness typical of Colombian coffees, but elevated to a level that we have never tasted before in coffee from Colombia. The creaminess and slight nutty tone of white chocolate shines through, with the tanginess of raspberry throughout. 

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LOCATIONPavón, Urrao
PREPARATIONExtended Fermentation
VARIETALCaturra, Colombia
OWNERHugo Sepulveda
NOTESRaspberry Ripple, White Chocolate


Over the course of two days, each day’s pulped cherries are added to a fermentation tank

with the previous days’ pickings. In this method of ‘extended’ fermentation, each consecutive

batch raises the ph level (i.e. makes more alkaline) of the fermentation tank, permitting

longer fermentation times that will produce a fruit-forward cup but without the acetic acid

produced by bacteria at a low ph. In this way, the producer is able to maintain the correct ph

level and avoid very low ph levels during processing that can lead to over-fermentation and

vinegary qualities.