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Rounton Coffee Colombia - Diego Samuel Bermudez

We’re not exaggerating when we say this is probably the best coffee we’ve ever sourced. A super-rare Pink Bourbon varietal from Cauca, Colombia with tasting notes of pink champagne, rhubarb, and a delicate floral body. 

It’s produced by Diego Samuel Bermudez, who has quite the job on his hands: the Pink Bourbon varietal results from a recessive gene, so it can quite easily be out-muscled by the dominant genes of the more common Red Bourbon. It’s so tricky to grow that there’s not much produced at all - in fact, we’ve only got enough for 30 bags of the stuff! 

  • £14.75


ALTITUDE1,700 - 1,950 MASL
VARIETALPink Bourbon
OWNERSDiego Samuel Bermudez
NOTESPink Champagne, Rhubarb, Floral