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Rounton Coffee Colombia - Buena Vista

Buena Vista is a 20-hectare farm, owned by Eliecer Méndez. Señor Méndez has been growing coffee in the Planadas region for over 40 years. He started out growing coffee on his father's farm, and plans to pass Finca Buena Vista onto his family when he retires. Coffees from Buena Vista are certified organic.

There are several varietals grown on the farm, including Tabi. Introduced in 2002 by Colombia's Coffee Research Institute, Tabi offers resistance to coffee leaf rust, without sacrificing sweetness and flavour. In the cup, expect notes of date, pecan and a jammy body.

We've sourced this coffee from The Green Collection, whose 'boots-on-the-ground' approach to sourcing coffee gives us some of our closest links to coffee producers.

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ALTITUDE1,800 - 1,930 MASL
LOCATIONMontalvo, Planadas
PREPARATIONExtended Fermentation
OWNEREliecer Méndez
NOTESDate, Pecan, Jammy

Notes from the team:

This coffee is incredibly important to us, as the amount of information we have about the farm and process is unlike anything we've ever had before. To have this level of transparency is what we've always hoped for with the coffees we source.