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Rounton Coffee Cascara - Finca Alcatraz

Cascara is the dried coffee cherry skin, which is brewed like a tea, creating vibrant fruit notes and a complex sweetness.

Cascara can be brewed like a tea - try using 20g brewed with 500ml of water, steeped for around 5 minutes. Delicious hot or cold.


Finca Alcatraz is located in the municipality of Oparapa in the region of Huila, more specifically in the Vereda Morelia. The farm is about 7,5 Hectares of which there are 5 Hectares of coffee production area. There is a strict selection for only mature cherries during the harvesting and immature, dry and green beans are avoided both during picking and the wet milling process. The cascara is only derived from the mature cherries. Once the pulping process is started, immediately, the husk is transferred to the raised drying tables. 


When translated from Spanish, cascara literally means 'shell' or 'husk'.  It is essentially a by-product of coffee production.  After the coffee cherry has been picked, the fruit is pulped to remove the bright red skin.  This pulped skin is often discarded as it is only the inner seed, the coffee bean, that is normally required.

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ALTITUDE1,700 - 1,800
LOCATIONFinca Alcatraz, Oporapa
NOTESDried fruits, Blackcurrant, Syrupy