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Rounton Coffee Burundi Bubezi

The flavour profile from the Kayanza region in Burundi tend to be very delicate and silky in the mouth and create a very complex cup profile presenting floral like characteristic making this coffee very interesting in both filter and espresso form.  

This coffee from Burundi offers notes of caramel, black cherry sweetness and a silky body. 

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ALTITUDE1780 masl
LOCATIONKayanza province, North Burundi
OWNERSJean Clement Birabereya 
NOTESBlack cherry, Chocolate, Caramel

Bubezi is a 6 hectare farm close to the town of Kayanza and near by Mpanga washing station. Coffee is grown on the farm at approximately 1780 masl in volcanic soil. Once the coffee is harvested between the months of March and July it is transported to the Mpanga mill for processing. The fully washed method at Mpanga consists of a standard 13 hour fermentation period then the parchment is moved to raised beds. The coffee is then left to dry for between 20 and 22 days.