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Rounton Coffee Brazil - Directo Da Roca

This is a super-special micro-lot from our go-to guy in Brazil, Pedro Gabarra Teixeira. He recently won the title of Brazil’s most sustainable farm, as part of the ‘Fazenda Sustentável’ awards.

This is the third year we’ve sourced from Pedro’s farms, with the majority of it making up the backbone of our Granary Blend. But Pedro’s got some tricks up his sleeve, including some experimental lots like this one.

Pedro picks the coffee mechanically; the cherry is taken directly to the patio where it is piled up to hold moisture and ferment for 3 days. Then it’s spread out and dried for 14 days. The fermentation on the patio is the stage that gives the coffee its distinct character, fruitiness and sweetness.

The Arara varietal originates from the crossing between the yellow Catuai and the Obatã (Hybrid of Timor) varieties. It was developed on the experimental farm of the Procafé Foundation in Varginha Brazil. 

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LOCATION      Minas Gerais
VARIETALCatuai, Obatã 
OWNERSPedro Gabarra Teixeira
NOTESWalnut, Pear, Syrupy