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Rounton Coffee Bolivia - Villa Rosario

It's no wonder that Bolivian specialty coffee is so prized.

Bolivia has historically been widely affected by coffee leaf rust - a fungus that can decimate coffee crops. Because of this risk, many farmers have instead opted to grow coca (the base ingredient in cocaine), which can be harvested several times a year, as opposed to coffee's single harvest.

Farms that can grow coffee still face further challenges. Until 15 years ago, the main route out of Bolivia's main coffee-growing region was the 'world's most dangerous road' (a.k.a 'Death Road'). Thankfully there is now a bypass here, but with Bolivia being landlocked, coffee still needs to be transported through Southern Peru before being exported. 


Despite these challenges, the Bolivian climate lends itself to growing stunning coffees - like those from Villa Rosario. We have just a single bag available - a naturally processed lot with tasting notes of stewed plums, cocoa, and a buttery body. It's a massively complex coffee, and one that we're really excited to showcase as our first Bolivian offering. 

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VARIETALCaturra, Catuai, Typica
OWNERSRodriguez Family
NOTESStewed Plum, Cocoa, Buttery