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Pump Street Pump Street Madagascar 72% Chocolate

From Akesson’s Organic Estate

This chocolate is made exclusively from cocoa from the most famous of all terroirs for Madagascan beans: the Sambirano River Valley. Bertil Akesson's 2300 hectare family estate, located in Ambanja, has produced world-famous aromatic cocoa since 1920.

A dark chocolate packed with flavour brought out of the fruity Madagascan beans. Notes of black cherry, tropical fruits and vanilla. Rich without being too bitter, it's a real chocolate lover's chocolate. 

Region: Sambirano Valley

Variety: Forestero and Trinitario from Bejofo

Criollo (Heirloom Cacao Preservation Accredited)

Source: Bertil Akesson

Accreditation: Certified Organic - Ecocert and NOP

  • £6.25

Ingredients: cocoa beans, cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, milk powder. Gluten, dairy & nuts also handled on the premises.

70g bar